STEAM for All is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that incubates, mentors, and sustains student-run community service projects to think global and serve local. It encompasses nine different student-run ventures - OC Math Circle, OC Scholar, OC Coder, OC Science, OC Arts, OC Engineer, OC Hacker, OC Launch, and All Girls Math Tournament. Visit our website to learn more.


OC Math Circle

     The Orange County Math Circle is a student-run, nonprofit community service organization where high school students gather to explore advanced problem solving topics and teach motivated students in underserved schools in Orange County.

OC Scholar

     The purpose of the Orange County Scholar is to serve as a unified source for academic news across Orange County by featuring the achievements of academic teams and individual students of all grades. Moreover, this news source serves as a resource for elementary and middle school students to discover activities in which they can become involved. 


OC Coder

     Our mission at the OC Coder is to share our love of computer science to Southern California by promoting the understanding of programming and computer science in our everyday lives. We encourage members of our community to learn and develop computer science skills and techniques to their full potential and present our professional, student-made websites and applications. We dedicate ourselves to supporting other organizations with our computer science background and providing a prosperous, programming foundation for the future of our society. 


OC Science

     OC Science aims to provide STEM opportunities for the young minds of Orange County and beyond. Through these activities, we hope to inspire and instill an appreciation for the sciences among our youth, and as they grow, to support their endeavors and provide outlets in which they can explore their interests. 


OC Arts

     OC Arts is a student-run, non-profit organization that strives to spread all aspects of arts to the community, help students realize their artistic potential, and raise awareness of international disasters. As an outreach program, OC Arts showcases artistic abilities through events that would achieve both of its mission statements: ‘Arts for Help’ and ‘Help for Arts.’ 


OC Engineer

     OC Engineer is a student-run, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting an interest and passion for various fields of engineering. Through engineering workshops, hands-on classes, and eventually engineering showcases, our mission is to encourage members of the community to develop their engineering skills for the greater good. 


OC Hacker

     OC Hacker is an organization that brings together programming and entrepreneurship to create apps for the social good. We help our members strengthen their programming skills through competitions like USACO and then put their new skills to use for the community through development projects like Voluntu.io.


All Girls Math Tournament

     The All Girls Math Tournament is hosted in order to encourage more girls' interest in mathematics as part of our goal to strengthen math culture. 

OC Launch

     Aimed to provide youth the opportunities to be exposed to business, OC Launch helps foster student projects ranging from services to mobile apps. Through OC Launch, we gain and teach business and technical skills while making our community a better place.